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About Us

Eco Guardian believes in pure products for a clean future.

We help to reduce the waste and environmental impact of traditional styrofoam and plastic by offering eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives. Our 100% compostable tableware is made from rapidly renewable sugarcane, our cups include recycled and responsibly sourced paper, and our waterproof coating is made from plants, not plastic.

Eco-friendly alternatives for sustainable living.


  • 100% Compostable (BPI & ASTM Certified)
  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Materials
  • Organic Waste Curbside Collection*
  • Recycling Curbside Collection*
  • Annually Renewable Resources
  • Resistant to Grease & Water
  • Superior Strength & Stability
  • Great for Hot or Cold Foods
  • Chemical-Free & Food Safe

* Check locally for participation.


Technically speaking, almost everything is biodegradable. Given enough time, all matter breaks down, sometimes leaving behind chemicals or toxins. There is no set timeframe for something to biodegrade. For example, an aluminum pop can will break down over 200 or more years.

Compostable means that a product must break down within four months into just water, carbon dioxide, and compost, with no residual toxins. This compost is rich in nutrients and safe for growing food.

For a product to receive Compostable Certification, very strict criteria must be met. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) handle the scientific testing and regulation of compostable products for North America.

If a product claims to be biodegradable but doesn’t show compostable certification, buyer beware.


Eco Guardian takes your health and safety seriously. Our compostable products are BPI Certified Compostable in industrial facilities according to ASTM D6400 and/or D6868, and have written approval for use as food packaging by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and by Canadian Health and Food Safety.

Our factories are highly regulated, ISO certified, and conform to all HACCP, SA8000, EN 13432, and BRC Standards. In addition, all Eco Guardian products go through UV sterilization to ensure the highest levels of food safety, and we employ AQL procedures to create only the finest, safest products for you and your family.


Plates and Bowls

Our compostable plates and bowls are made from leftover plant materials used in the refining of sugar. Once considered a manufacturing by-product and either discarded or burned, sugarcane stalks are processed into paper — just like paper from trees. Unlike trees that take years to grow, sugarcane is an abundant annual crop (13 months from seed to harvest) that is considered rapidly renewable, sustainable, and a very eco-friendly alternative.

Compared to paper made from wood, paper from sugarcane is easier to make and requires less energy and chemicals. It’s also more efficient – five tons of wood is needed to produce a single ton of paper pulp, but with sugarcane, only 1.5 tons is needed. In addition to its environmental benefits, sugarcane products are sturdy and functional, with a high resistance to grease and water. After use, our products can be recycled, or even better, composted right along with your organic waste.

Hot or Cold Paper Cups

In addition to the use of recycled paper, we support environmentally sound forestry practices by using material from certified sources. Our waterproof coating is made from plants, not oil. This coating, known as PLA, has a carbon footprint almost 75% lower than traditional plastic coating. Our cups are 100% certified compostable and are also recyclable in participating areas.


Even our cutlery is made from renewable resources. Made mainly from plant starch, our cutlery is food safe, sturdy and unbreakable. Currently, few recycling or compost facilities have updated their systems to process plant-based cutlery, but we’re working on it.