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It’s Your… BBQ, Birthday, Holiday, Weekend… Party!

Show everyone you care about them and the environment. Use strong and sturdy disposable plates and cups that are eco-friendly too. Introducing the Eco Party Kit for 20.

Easy-to-get and easy-to-use, our plates, cups, and napkins are made from renewable resources and certified compostable. Strong and reliable, we’re an affordable alternative to paper, plastic, or foam. Perfect for your next event.

Bring on the party!

Our convenient carrying box with handle has enough party supplies for 20. You get sturdy compostable plates (two sizes), leak-proof compostable cups (hot or cold), lots of quality napkins, and a compostable garbage bag for easy cleanup. Our unbreakable cutlery is eco-friendly too. It’s made from plants not plastic!

The Eco Party Kit for 20:

  • 20 Compostable Dinner Plates
  • 20 Compostable Dessert Plates
  • 20 Compostable Hot/Cold Cups
  • 20 Full-Size, Unbreakable Forks
  • 20 Full-Size, Unbreakable Knives
  • 20 Full-Size, Unbreakable Spoons
  • 40 Large Quality Napkins
  • Extra Large Compostable Garbage Bag
Easy To Order


Everything you need in one convenient box. Order yours from Amazon today!
Easy To Use


Ready to use right out of the box, you’re all set for a party! Quick and easy cleanup too – just compost or recycle.
Easy To Choose


Our customizable kits will give you the freedom to choose only what you need. Coming this Summer. Sustainable choices made easy.

What People Are Saying

Eco Guardian you’re a life saver! My family from Europe came to visit for 3 weeks and stayed with us during this time. Instead of doing dishes everyday, I ordered several kits and used them most of the time while they were here visiting. What a wonderful product! They allowed me to spend time with my family and not doing dishes. My relatives even took a kit back to Italy! Maria Dasilva

Every Friday during the summer months, I buy lunch for my construction crew. I usually stop to pick up the food and I have several eco kits in my truck to give to the men when I drop off lunch. Makes it a lot easier and faster and I only have to worry about what to get them for lunch. Plus the plates are sturdy and disposable and I order everything by smart phone to my office. Peter Village

As a school principal, I know how important the future is for our children, in particular when it comes to protecting the environment. So I feel good about using the Eco Party Kits, knowing that everything that I need comes in one package and disposal has a minimal impact on the environment. Elyse Bolduc